A California Getaway

I went to visit my cousin a few weeks ago out in Orange County, California and I loved it. Not only does California have fantastic weather, they also have fantastic food. The Filling Station was only a short walk from her apartment and it was amazing. We went there twice within the five days I was there, both for brunch and for dinner. This photo is of their fish tacos – served with green cabbage, carrots, cilantro, tomato, onion, and cheese all in a corn tortilla. $11.95


I’m also terrible at choosing what kind of wine I want… so I obviously went with a flight.

SPEAKING of flights and SPEAKING of getaways, you should all go look at my friend Hannah’s blog. It’s all about her time spent studying in London and if it doesn’t make you want to hop on a plane RIGHT NOW, you’re wrong.


Another Day at Bistro


I think I’ve started to spend too much time at Main Street Bistro (if you haven’t already, please check them out This meal is delicious, but you have to be prepared going in. It’s called the Bistro Rancheros, and it’s huge. Two over-easy eggs, topped with chili, sour cream, and avocado all over a slice of jalapeno cornbread served, of course, with a side of hashbrowns. I paired mine nicely with both a mimosa and a terrible hangover!!!

ALSO – if you guys are loving my posts/what you’ve been seeing, you should definitely go check out Dana’s blog. She loves Bistro (almost as much as I do).

Birthday!!! cont.


The second half of my birthday celebration was spent in New York City. The above picture does no justice to the meal I had on Saturday, I can say  with great confidence that the bottomless mimosa glass pictured above the plate has a great deal to do with that. My brother has been raving about this place for months – for good reason. The restaurant is called Southern Hospitality BBQ and is apparently co-owned by Justin Timberlake.

The bottomless brunch consists of bottomless mimosas, Bellini’s or Bloody Mary’s for two hours with the purchase of any entree. I went for the mimosas and the Southern Benedict with cheesy grits. The Southern Benedict, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, is just an Eggs Benedict with a Southern twist: two poached eggs over brisket, fried green tomatoes, and chipotle Hollandaise sauce. It was truly amazing.

Bottomless Mimosas (for two hours): $14.95
Southern Benedict: $14.95


Hey everyone! This past week I celebrated my 21st birthday (finally). The night of the big day I spent at Bacchus in New Paltz, where I had this delicious personal buffalo chicken pizza paired with a Lagunitas IPA. I have to add that I was extremely overwhelmed by the extensive beer selection and a friend of mine pointed out the Lagunitas IPA as something I might like and I just ordered it.

Not pictured: half a steak sandwich I split with a friend as well as an absolutely amazing avocado, artichoke, and crab dip appetizer.

Steak Sandwich: $10.95
Buffalo Chicken Pizza: $10.95
Crab, Artichoke, and Avocado Dip w/ Fresh Pita: $8.95
Lagunitas IPA: $5.50


IMG_0310 (600x800)

I went to Bangkok Cafe (in New Paltz) for the first time a few weeks ago and I definitely approve. I apparently got a little overly excited and a little up close and personal with my shrimp and vegetable Pad Kee Mow. It was absolutely delicious and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who loves Thai.


My Friend, Asparagus


Bistro 1

First things first, breakfast.
If you’re anything like me, or Ron Swanson, you love a good breakfast. And bacon. Especially bacon.

This particular breakfast was consumed at none other than New Paltz’s very own Main Street Bistro. The dish was called My Friend, Asparagus and consisted of two eggs over easy, crispy bacon, scallions, Hollandaise sauce, and, of course, asparagus – all over a bed of tater tots.



Hi, my name’s Mallory. I’m a college student. I’m broke. And I live in the Hudson Valley.

I try not to allow my limited funds to ruin my good time. And by “good time” I primarily mean eating and drinking, because who doesn’t love that?

The thing that mainly inspired the creation of this blog is my burning love of Guy Fieri and everything that his show, Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, entails:

Similarly, and also shown on the Food Network, is a show called Burgers, Brew & ‘Que; where Michael Symon tackles all barbecue and beer – aka my dream job:

My phone is already practically bursting with photos of the food I eat so I figured, why not share? Thus, this blog was born- it’s dedicated entirely to my love for all things related to food and beer; hopefully on a budget. Hope I don’t make you too hungry! Enjoy!

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